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  1. How do you remove from Steam? Not showing up on Steam!?! Having this issue also on Windows 10.
  2. Running DayZ with 32gig of ram, have not encountered any issues, runs great! Games uses about 8+ gigs of 10 gig default setting.
  3. Thanks Dimmdrive CEO, Looking forward to using DD to the fullest!
  4. If others are using DD on Arma_III, how? Is there any instructions on setting up Battlefield 4? I cannot get the whole game into DD, I get message that game exceeds DD size.
  5. Has this been incorporated into DimmDrive? I just bought DD and attempted to add Battlefield 4 and I got this message: "The size of the games you currently have enabled for use with DimmDrive exceed the drive size. Your current configured drive is 9.9 GB, while the games you have enabled would use 25.18.GB. Please reconfigure the activated games to fit the drive." Does this mean the Ability to DimmDrive a game larger than the size of you Dimmdrive has not happened yet? Just bough my copy yesterday 11/14/13. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. New to DimmDrive, just wondering if anyone has used DimmDrive with Battlefield 4? That's the main reason I purchased DD for gaming. Anyone?