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  1. Just throwing this idea out there. It might not be viable once it is tossed around but who knows. What would the pros and cons be for selling a 32gb or 64gb USB stick with DimmDrive already installed on it and ready to go. I can see some pros, such as easily installed, dedicated swap space, safe from data loss. There are probably others and probably some cons as well. What do you think, Mythicae
  2. Great idea. I used a ram drive way back in the '70s before there was such a thing as a hard drive available to the public. A ram drive was about the only way to get any speed out of the little bit of ram we had to work with. When I did get my very first hard drive it held 10mb, read that as mega byte, yep 10mb. It cost $500.00 and I remember promising my wife that once I put out that much money for this super duper thing I would never ever have to buy any more memory. OMG were we naïve back then. But hey, to be honest, my computer only had 64 bytes of ram and that was in DIMMS. I celebrated when I was able to upgrade to that amount. I think you have a winner here. Especially once word gets around on how much it will improve gameplay speeds. Even Microsoft uses or at least used the idea until Windows 8. The ReadyBoost usb stick that so many people have plugged into their Windows 7 and previous OS computers is nothing more than a Ram Drive set up to boost the speed of the OS. I wish I could watch all your videos but we have a limited usage internet connection here and I run out of my 25gb allocation and am slowed down to a snail's pace before the end of every month with just my WoW playing. But I watched enough to see that you are getting some good numbers and those should only improve as you are able to take advantage of technological advances and you get any future wrinkles worked out. BTW, a nice idea to have my computer go ahead and load up my PayPal account on a second browser page instance and have it all ready for me to put in a password and make the purchase. I liked that. It would have worked for me if I had been hesitating just a bit because of cost so don't take it as a negative against your product that I didn't buy a copy. Just that at 60 years old and physically disabled I have to watch where every penny goes in this terrible economy. Keep up the cool multiboxing videos and good luck with your product. (My son plays WoW and we both are into multiboxing. So he burns the multiboxing videos to DVD and mails them to me.) Watching when I can, Mythicae