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  1. Hey all, Basically, Dimmdrive doesn't delete anything, ever. It just copies into RAM, and renames the original files, and then creates symlinks to the RAM versions. The problem we are seeing here is that people are not closing Dimmdrive correctly for whatever reason and then trying to start whatever program they were using. What ends up happening is, if you don't close Dimmdrive, they Dimmdrive cannot remove the symbolic links and rename the files. If you go into area where the files on your normal HD reside, you'll see a <original dir name>.dd.presync If you did the "Less RAM?" option, then go into the directory and you'll see a bunch of <filename>.dd.presync files This is the directory that Dimmdrive renames the files in order to maintain integrity and not have any file lost. So if you then try to start the program without closing Dimmdrive correctly, the original file paths won't match (but the files are indeed there). So any of your normal program install shortcuts/etc won't work. Then, if you restart DD, depending on how you have things set up, DD won't see the program/game anymore, or DD will go into try hard mode and look for file paths that aren't there and then crash. WAY TO FIX: 1) Close Dimmdrive correctly! 2) Just rename the files/dirs and remove the .dd.presync That's it NOTE: I'm definitely going to build something into a Dimmdrive update to smooth this out and allow for recoveries automagically.
  2. Would there happen to be any graphic/video designers, or programmers in the crowd? If so, what sort of stuff do you do?
  3. Hey all! I'm extremely proud to have served you guys with Dimmdrive and I'm very excited at the future Dimmdrive has with the new owners. They have some great ideas for updates and are also very open to the community posting feedback and ideas for updates to the software as well. As many of you guys know, I'm extremely vested in the gaming community, simply because I'm a gaming addict as much as everybody else I will continue to be involved in various start-ups in the PC Gaming world, and will likely see many of you guys in the future on the many endeavors that I work on. With that said, my door is always open to chatting (see signature below) to all of you fellow gamers! Happy gaming! --Tim Twitter: @StartupTim Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/StartupTim Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/startuptim Email Form: http://startuptim.com/contact-us/
  4. Just create your VM. Make the size proper to fit on Dimmdrive. Then start up Dimmdrive (don't put the VM using Dimmdrive's GUI). And copy the VM into Dimmdrive. Then start the VM.
  5. Try to use the method listed here:
  6. Make sure you are doing only the graphic files and that you have the game exited correctly, starting up Dimmdrive, then running via Steam.
  7. Try and use the LESS RAM option and only add the graphical files to it.
  8. G.SKILL's reveals colossal 128GB DDR4 RAM kits clocked at 3,000MHz Read more: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/49572/skills-reveals-colossal-128gb-ddr4-ram-kits-clocked-3-000mhz/index.html SHEESH! That would be pretty friggen amazing to have that. I believe you could get 2x of those kits for 256GB total in a mobo with 8 slots for RAM, right?
  9. Check the directory Dimmdrive sees, versus the directory the game is on, are the a match? Check the size (Dimmdrive auto add 10% roughly). Those match as well?
  10. Hey there, try and use Dimmdrive's LESS RAM option and then just selecting the big graphic files of the game and skip all the other stuff like .exe and .dll and such.
  11. Hey there, Make sure you have enough RAM to play the actual game. So for example, take your total RAM, subtract your OS requirements, subtract game requirements, subtract whatever web browser, AV, etc., Then set Dimmdrive to maybe 90% of that.
  12. You're all set, try again
  13. Send me a PM with the Paypal purchase info to double check and I'll set you up.
  14. Both of you guys look taken care of / working. I just double-checked.
  15. When did you purchase Dimmdrive? Shoot me your info in a PM please. Thanks
  16. Just go into the APPS area and add multiple folders. That's it. Make sure to turn ON the ones you want to use at that time.
  17. SpaceRat your account looks just fine, are you sure you are typing the right user/pass?
  18. Hey all, I just finished upgrading Dimmdrive's back-end to new, faster servers. During the window there is a small chance that a couple people who are new customers might not have had their license transfer properly. If this sounds like something happening to you, just respond to this forum post or shoot me a PM and I'll take care of you! ~Tim
  19. Your account was already set up correctly. Just run the software and log in with your user/pass and you're good to go.
  20. Hey there, For that built-in browser, I think you might want to copy the install folder where Microsoft Windows 10 has Edge installed. Can you "view shortcut" on your system and see where that is, and add that directory to Dimmdrive?
  21. That sounds like your hard drive is having errors with the "disk write error"
  22. There isn't a way to transfer from one to another I'm afraid without buying a new license that is non-Steam.
  23. This only occurs if you turn Dimmdrive off when you have something running or viewing the game's directory. As in, the game is running, a process is running, Windows explorer is running in the game's directory, etc.