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  1. Oh i see what I did wrong I'm suppose to select the exe then it goes green, oops
  2. For some reason I can't click the red toggle to load a game into dimdrive after dd is active. I can get the game into dd by - making sure dd is off - clicking the spanner on the game i want in dd - tick "auto load" - turn dd on do you want any other info or have you squashed this one already? Windows 7 Enterprise x64 SP1 24GB RAM Version 10002
  3. doh, totally didn't see it! I went through three reinstall/restart process to make sure I was on the correct version
  4. because when you run the executable directly from the dimmdrive, steam is invoked and the original executable from where the game is actually installed is used. I was curious about this part of dimmdrive, really needs symbolic links for dimmdrive to truly deliver on what you are promising dimmdrive will work great with blizzard programs because they don't really get "installed". A bunch of files in a directory is about as much installing as blizzard does. This is not how most windows software is written though :/
  5. click the question mark button next to the x close button then click "about dimmdrive" nothing happens. I was hoping a simple dialog box would show up and tell me what version I am running.
  6. It is Amazeballs! haha, watched "So Undercover" recently... Anyways, it is especially useful when copying lots of files to and from different places as it queues them up instead of doing them in parallel like windows does...
  7. That's great, auto learning. However you didn't actually address my point How does a running process know to access the dimmdrive version of a file over the physcial/disk file? My understanding of how dimmdrive works is I access the files on the dimmdrive by running the exe on the dimmdrive, if I use my start menu shortcut it'll use the physical/disk file - yes?
  8. Some apps like to put all their data in %appdata% and they don't have an override to specify where to put these files. I thinking no, if you put the program files in DD then the program files are there and if the program writes to files in other locations then you're not getting 100% benefit. Example. App directory "the_app" is added to DD, c:\programs\the_app start the app from dd\the_app\start.exe the app saves a bunch of data in %appdata%\the_app_data therefore no benefit of running program from dimmdrive as the program is writing to %appdata% what would be ideal is if we could copy the "the_app_data" to dimmdrive and then any program that accesses this directory is accessing the dimmdrive version and not the disk version. is this possible?
  9. I use terracopy as it shows me the details that are great to see when copying files. Dimmdrive copies files so would we be able to get similiar information please I like the constant updates with time remaining, percent all files, percent current file, size, transfer rate. cheers
  10. Excellent! Thanks everyone
  11. Had this rig since 2009 (i7 920 @ 3.8GHz) still going strong with 12GB 3x4GB cmp12gx3m3a1600c9 Ordered the 2nd set and will have 24GB of RAM this week. Interested to see if CIV V is IO bound, as the game progresses it slows down per turn WoW isn't going to fit, will need to build a new computer for that Have you looked into getting Chrome to run out of Dimmdrive, items would load from the cache a lot quicker then
  12. download the software anyone can download it, however you need an account to actually run the software
  13. This app doesn't manage memory for any program. It copies the files used by the program to RAM then runs the program from RAM. RAM is a lot faster than an SSD or mechanical hard drive so the program runs faster as accessing all the required files is a lot quicker. So for BF3 or any other FPS it will be quicker to read all the data stored in files to load the level or any other content stored in files