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  1. Please post suggested multi boxing in game wow settings both with and without dimmdrive. Thanks
  2. Please post your in game wow settings for multi boxing both with and without dimmdrive. Thanks
  3. Thanks for chiming in though
  4. I don't feel as if your understanding my question. Is it detectable by warden as a third party software because it's altering the files and if wow is allowed to scan their folders would they see the referenced files.
  5. Just curious. Is dimmdrive considered a third party software when used with WoW. Also Since Blizzard is allowed to scan within the contents of their own files if dimm is manipulating said files is Blizzard then allowed to scan the contents of the files within dimmdrive?
  6. Would this help speed up virus scans?
  7. Yeah Tim the update is great. Wow is so smooth now. I raided last night and was lag free. So nice. I tried it with Internet Explorer as well and it seems faster. Worth the wait and worth the buy.
  8. it would be Nice to see how much space selected files are adding up to when your selecting certain files so we know how close to our target gigs were getting to
  9. Hear that? .....crickets. It's been a couple days of a couple days of this weekend .... need testing done or help? Let me know
  10. Ha ha luie. <---- regular customer. .. what Monday maybe Tuesday you said this weekend I need it now QQ my life doesn't function without it
  11. Thanks for the feedback and the free license Tim.... luie... it was just a thought as far as the android and ios idea i dont know how the internals work i just know it has ram and games sometimes lag and people are doing alot more with phones and tablets these days and are easily willing to spend upwards to 10 bucks for apps that make a difference in their day to day use also to touch on your suggestion luie it would be possible to right click wow.exe for example go to dimmdrive and options such as add to DD or run using DD it would also be able to error message if file is too large to run in DD for safety but with tims new feature to run larger than ram files it shouldnt make a difference
  12. 1 you know how you can right click a program or folder for options such as zip or virus scan etc would there be a way to add dim to that list and when selected it auto launches it into dim drive and runs it 2 have you thought about making this a mobile app for android or ios
  13. Hey Tim I recently updated Windows and c++ 2012 redistributable now when I try to run a program through dd it crashes any logs or something I can provide to look into it