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  1. why precisely do you think that? Especially considering the speed a Ramdisk has loading screens should be almost eliminated or at least the bottleneck should have moved to something else e.g. a processor that may be too weak or that you have some really old and slow RAM.
  2. if you used it less than 2 hours and own it since less than 14 days and have the steam version you can just do it through steam. on the other hand regarding your microstutters, these usually arent a problem of the drive, the ram mostly helps with loading screen, I would suggest running some kind of hardware monitoring tool to see whether maybe your GPU oder CPU are at their limits.
  3. I know this is probably the wrong place, but the staff really needs to see this. The forum has 2 main issues: 1) no HTTPS (do I really need to talk about why?) 2) Old Recaptcha. This will be DISABLED on March 31, meaning UNLESS YOU CHANGE IT, NO USERS CAN REGISTER
  4. I have a question: I read at some places here that the steam version works offline, does that imply that the version from the website does not? sorry for reviving this but if I started a new topic about the steam vs website issue people would probably tell me that another topic exists -.-