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  1. The trash can button is extremely hard to see. I only noticed it after you guys mentioned the location. There should just be a remove option (to remove a program/folder) when you right click the "other programs" area. Instead of dragging folders to the other programs menu, (which is nice), make it a right click menu option to add a directory. That would make it more obvious to new users. The "About Dimmdrive" button doesn't do anything either.
  2. Tim would like to respond to these suggestions that he's already answered in a PM, but on the forums. 1. In addition to selecting exe's, give an option to just dimmdrive a folder (at this point I have created dummy exe files to dimmdrive my firefox profile folder) 2. GUI redesign (i like traditional GUI's if that makes sense) 3. import/export function for less ram option so that users can share what works for them (obviously this wont work for all games as users play different levels and whatnot) 4. better integration with firefox (the profile folder for firefox also needs to get dimmdrive'd, as its located in %appdata%\Mozilla or whatever) 5. scanning steam games takes a while on startup. make an optional button for scanning steam games (i know dimmdrive is targeted at gamers, but you can at least make it an option to not scan games on startup) 6. the top left corner says dimmdrive has had a major update today, but i'm already on the current version. 7. scrolling through steam games and other programs can get cumbersome after adding a lot of items 8. no way to remove items from "other programs" list 9. CPU % used doesn't seem necessary. remove the performance section and just put the "RAM used" field above the "Dimmdrive size" label'