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  1. Hello everyone, We just updated the forum to a newer version! This new version has a lot of improvements, most notably the protection against spam. There are however a few changing you might see: You can no longer 'friend' another user. This feature has been replaced by the ability to follow someone. There are some changes to the way avatars are handled. Some users will see that their avatar has been unset. If this happened to you, you can simply add it back through your profile. If you notice any problems, feel free to let us know by replying to this post!
  2. Hi All, We have made a great deal of progress cleaning up the Spam, thanks to those of you who reported posts! We've implemented some filters and additional solutions that should help a great deal. Apologies for the inconvenience. Keep reporting and we'll continue working on preventative solutions. Thanks!
  3. Hi All, As you may already be aware, we recently launched DimmDrive 2.2.0! This is just the beginning of several MAJOR updates to come in the very near future. DimmDrive 2.2.0 will open us up to new markets which we'll build upon with some incredible features currently in the works. Stay tuned for a whole new evolution of DimmDrive! Download now at: (*Note - separate Win10 download link is no longer required) Added Features: - Now available in all Steam languages! - Added language selection drop-down - Updated images and marketing content - Updated start modal messaging Get excited for the next wave of DimmDrive! Download at: (*Note - separate Win10 download link is no longer required)
  4. Hi Doumer - Apologies for the issue. The Win10 link is no longer needed. To upgrade to DimmDrive 2.2.0, simply go to and click the download link accordingly. Thanks and enjoy!
  5. This is an interesting point. We'll look into it. Thanks!
  6. Customers and Fans, We are pleased to announce that DimmDrive has recently been sold. The new owners would like to thank and congratulate Tim on his success with DimmDrive, and wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors. Tim plans to leverage this sale to enable him to continue supporting PC Gamers by creating new software which we’re all very excited to hear more about. The new owners have worked closely with Tim over recent months to ensure a smooth transition, and guarantee a bright future for DimmDrive and its users! We’re thrilled to begin working on several updates to be deployed in the coming months, and are especially interested in building a community and partnership with our fan-base in order to take DimmDrive into the future of Gaming! More to Come! -DimmDrive Inc.
  7. Glad to hear - Enjoy!
  8. Yes - We have heard similar experiences in the past. Thanks for the input.
  9. Great feedback Sam - We note this to be explored in the near future.
  10. Hello - 32GBs should be sufficient. In the event that it doesn't, DimmDrive's less RAM option will certainly work well. The video below will help explain this in detail. Regarding your cache/other files questions, you'll be pleased to see other users have had great results and suggestions on this topic here: Less RAM Option: Enjoy!
  11. Hello - Our sincerest apologies for the delay. We just reset your account - try logging in with your username and password again and let us know when your all set! Thanks!
  12. Chazn2 - Occasionally security settings/software can cause problems. Have you explored your settings there?
  13. Hey all, I just responded to all the PMs to transfer to a Steam license. If I missed you, please resend! EDIT: Send to "Tim" not to me
  14. Did you install Microsoft .net 4.5.2 from here first? Try that then reboot and reinstall dimmdrive
  15. It wouldn't because RAM uses a shared bus and the massive raid0 overhead as mentioned above
  16. I did test in Win8 IE and it looks good, but it looks like you've taken care of it
  17. What exactly is Rhodium?
  18. We've been getting hit with SPAM bots more and more lately. It seems that, as Dimmdrive is growing fast in popularity, SPAM bots hitting the forums have increased as well. While dozens of spammers are auto-banned per day, from time to time, some get through the cracks. REPORT THEM! I pay attention to each and every SPAM report and I deeply thank you guys for that. Screwy and IceBadger are rockstars at reporting them. Many thanks! I'm working hard on a bunch of new things for Dimmdrive, and once those are launched, I plan on offering some of our forum heroes the power to moderate, which should help out a ton, too. Whew!
  19. You create it when you buy the software. If you skipped it for whatever reason, just check your email.
  20. No way, it'll still work using Dimmdrive's "Less RAM" option =) I am downloading DOTA2 as we speak. I am going to make a Youtube video just for you tomorrow on setting this up! To help me out, run DOTA2 normally for maybe 2 hours, then check task manager. How much RAM does the game use?
  21. Something on your mobo is def messed up. My speeds are actually slow due to a CAS of 11/12 on my RAM. Make sure you have quad channel enabled, your mhz is set to 2400, and your timi gs are factory. Keep in mind ram speeds is not about mhz, it is about CAS. 1600mhz CAS9 will utterly smoke 2400mhz CAS11 RAM by a ton.
  22. Do you have rivatuner installed? If so, try removing it. Also, try removing EVGA Precision if you have that. A user said in another post that it fixed the problem.
  23. Great news AOTA! Jimmy, did you do the above steps (such as the net start) and see? Also, check your event viewer. Note: The support tool is a bit out of date, so the not found it shows should be disregarded!
  24. Just right around the corner!
  25. Actually, do the test again, but use CrystalDiskMark vs ATTO it is the benchmark that pretty much everybody seems to use. That being said, all ram drives I've tested fluxuate in speeds greatly, and it seems to be due to things like data bus congestion, CPU availability, etc.