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  1. Hi All, As you may already be aware, we recently launched DimmDrive 2.2.0! This is just the beginning of several MAJOR updates to come in the very near future. DimmDrive 2.2.0 will open us up to new markets which we'll build upon with some incredible features currently in the works. Stay tuned for a whole new evolution of DimmDrive! Download now at: www.dimmdrive.com/download (*Note - separate Win10 download link is no longer required) Added Features: - Now available in all Steam languages! - Added language selection drop-down - Updated images and marketing content - Updated start modal messaging Get excited for the next wave of DimmDrive! Download at: www.dimmdrive.com/download (*Note - separate Win10 download link is no longer required)
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  3. Software doesn't work for me. I want a refund. How?
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  4. Good morning. I am long time user of Dimmdrive and maybe can help. I need to know your operating system and ramm size. I can help you get the program running and you will be amazed at what Dimm will do! Beau
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