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  1. Hi All, As you may already be aware, we recently launched DimmDrive 2.2.0! This is just the beginning of several MAJOR updates to come in the very near future. DimmDrive 2.2.0 will open us up to new markets which we'll build upon with some incredible features currently in the works. Stay tuned for a whole new evolution of DimmDrive! Download now at: www.dimmdrive.com/download (*Note - separate Win10 download link is no longer required) Added Features: - Now available in all Steam languages! - Added language selection drop-down - Updated images and marketing content - Updated start modal messaging Get excited for the next wave of DimmDrive! Download at: www.dimmdrive.com/download (*Note - separate Win10 download link is no longer required)
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  2. Ok I open this thread to see if this way someone help me cause I’m lost and confuse. Yesterday I purchased Dimmdrive through the web’s site paypal and before hand I had register on this forum without knowing that later it was part of the process of registering and authenticating the software, so I went ahead purchase, download and install the software and I came up to a message on the installed program saying that my user or password is wrong when in the other hand I can logging to the forum without any problem. Anyways the long story short is this, When anyone goes to Wal-Mart and purchase anything they don’t ask you to pay out front then come back tomorrow to get you product, you take with you the same day, right. Then I feel like I’m lost because I purchase this product yesterday and so far I haven’t got an answer yet. And I have sent Tim 2 PM’s and I don’t know if he have got them but I haven’t seen a replay from no body yet. So I get my problem solved or get a refund through paypal, on both PM I have sent the proper info for anyone verify my legitimacy of my purchased.
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