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  3. I have installed Dimmdrive but it will not let me add folders to the apps section. Every time I add my google chrome cache folder or windows temp folder (these are the reason I bought Dimmdrive in the first place) and turn the switch on, the load bar reaches 100% and then I get a pop-up window saying that the program stopped working and then it closes the program. It crashes every single time. I have seen this exact issue with screenshots that are identical to mine on the support forums here but he never got an answer, so I know I'm not the only person having this problem. Should I have bought it on steam instead? I was considering ti but never did and now I'm not able to make it work. Also, I tried sending this to the support process but it failed to send the message so I'm not sure how else to contact the developers.
  4. When I go to contact & submit a request for a refund, it says "Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method." There is no other publicly listed way to contact the administrator. I want a refund - this program does nothing to help speeds.
  5. it's seems like DD is dead, and auth server too. I can't login and use it.
  6. I want my refund!!!!!!!
  7. Whats going on with the DIMM drive. It has my CS:GO in 15.6 Gb then when I turn on DIMM it grabs the rest of my RAM rendering it useless. I have 32 Gb in total but CS:GO grabs the rest of my ram having no more RAM to operate my computer.

  8. Good God. This is the most difficult software I have ever used. Doesn't work! Very difficult. I have 32 gig of ram. I just want steam and cs:go to work



  9. Can't load DayZ from Dimmdrive or using Steam, can you fix or can I have a refund?
  10. Hello I would like a refund.
  11. App was installed as admin. System was restarted and services are running. When a game is turned on and DD is turned on, it says it's creating a drive, but none are added. Attempting to run the game generates an error saying it's unavailable. No errors are shown when creating the drive or symbolic links. Windows 10 Pro x64 32 GB RAM All current patches. I7 7930k
  12. I need an update as far as the development is in this case. Ask for a better communication.
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  14. Ask for better information policy. Would like to get more insight behind the scenes. This should be of interest to everyone who bought this software.
  15. Thank You, I prefer a non-linked version when available, keep up the good work.
  16. Exactly, both the Steam and Website versions will have the same functionality.
  17. Perfect a concise to the point answer. So the artificial intelligence version of DimmDrive will also be implemented in the website version correct? It isn't going to be a steam version only improvement?
  18. I personally like the website version better. You still get full Steam functionality. If you buy the Steam version you don't need to have Steam running. One current issue with the Steam version is that the "Start Dimmdrive on Startup" won't work as of right now. It works normally on the website version.
  19. I am interested in Purchasing DimmDrive, however I have a question or 2. I notice it can be purchased through steam or directly from the website. If I purchase directly from the dimmdrive website does it lose any of the steam functionality,( ie: steam game integration and possibly the newly mentioned AI smart functionality?) I also run a lot of non-steam applications/games, for which I don't need or want steam running in the background. So if purchased through steam would it require me to have steam running in order to use DimmDrive?
  20. When selecting files manually to put on the ramdisk, a game that is, say, 20gb in total but less than 8gb after selections are made won't enable with a 16gb drive size.
  21. I bought DD,great program, my only issue is I cannot use it with my internet down. There's expected to be a lot of downtime in my neighborhood. I bought CPU cores on steam and was thoroughly fed up with the fact I could not use it on my second steam account. Looking past that I bought DD non-steam because I could use it between accounts. Now I can't use it at all while fiber optics is being ran throughout my neighborhood. Please tell me this isn't some tricked to tie DD to one steam account. I'm about out of patience dealing with these petty issues. I bought both products now I can only use CPU cores in offline mode on one of my two steam accounts.
  22. Hi im new to dimmdrive and ive loaded the new doom game threw it but i get a message saying...invalid active game loaded my current active drive size is 10 gb while the game you have enabled use 77.75 gb please reconfigure the activated games to fit drive...i brought the game through steam, I also play CSS but that is fine that is only 6.5 gb please can someone help a novice cheers in advance.................................................................................................................................
  23. The Form on the site to submit an email isnt working either. " Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method. "
  24. When configuring the software crashes sometimes.... doesnt seem to like to load all the folders that one can select... Ya it keeps crashing upon configuring the second time.... not working.
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